nails nails nails

    wow! like almost 1 year i never come to my blog! cos i lost my password!!!! now i found it back and start again the blog...

    This is Fumiko's nail and she likes lace very much. she likes most of the blue type colors.

    this is Kazusa's nail and this is my first time doing nails for her with the pink base and flower.. lovely!

    this is Fumiko's friend. akane san's nail. this is my 1st time doing nails for her..does it looks nice?

    I've forgot who's nail it is but is a very cute nail and she like it very much!

    well.. trying to post my old nail design to share .. hope u guys will like them! this nail is like 3 years ago and this is when i start doing my nail business with the Japanese people . most of the time they choose to have their pedicure done cos they need to take care of their children! but they like to do it every month! this is where my money come from.. hehe

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