OPI Sugar Cookie Pink from OPI Sweet Pink

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I'd shown you OPI's Sweet Pink Collection, the recent Japanese exclusive release, not too long ago, but I was missing Sugar Cookie Pink. Well, I finally got it, and I tried it out today.

    Since it looked pretty sheer even for a jelly, I used Zoya's ridge filler because it stays kind of white. I let it dry, which takes some time, then started in with Sugar Cookie Pink (which is really an odd name, when you think of it, since sugar cookies aren't pink). After two coats, it was still almost clear, so I waited a couple of minutes and added a third coat. Still barely even pink. I ended up waiting and adding coats until I had five coats, at which point I'd completely lost interest and just wanted to get on with the day.

    Of the Sweet Pink Collection, this is definitely the weakest for me.

    Sugar Cookie Pink
    OPI Sugar Cookie Pink Nail Polish, Five Coats

    OPI Sugar Cookie Pink
    OPI Sugar Cookie Pink Nail Polish, Five Coats, Closer View

    I went on with my day, and a took a look at it again about four hours after I'd finished applying it to discover that it had bubbled up far beyond the scope of anything I've seen before. My nails look like they have pink seltzer water on them. By then I had afternoon sun, took a picture, and went back to what I was doing. Take a look at the bubbles (certainly not one of my most flattering pics, but it makes a point...).

    OPI Sugar Cookie Pink Nail Polish
    OPI Sugar Cookie Pink Nail Polish, Five Coats, Chock Full o' Bubbles

    I've used five coats of polish before, either because the nail polish was high maintenance or in layering, and have never seen anything like this. I don't know if it was the different base coat, just Sugar Cookie Pink (other pics I've seen didn't look like this!), or what, but I've just never seen this happen before. I was middle level not-thrilled when I finished applying it, but now that it looks like this, I'm distinctly displeased... Since it was a hassle to get hold of, I'll try it once more with my usual base coat and a soft white under it so I don't need so many coats, I think.

    That's my strange little nail polish story for you. I hope I don't have another one to tell soon!

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!

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