SpaRitual Nail Polish Swatches, Part II

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    The sun decided to come out late yesterday afternoon, so rather than "enhance" the gold SpaRitual I was wearing, I considered swatching another six, and was surprised to discover I had it in me.

    You've seen some of these before, but not recently. Two are from last year's Spring collection, one's just a classic that had to be shown in the sun, and the other three, I don't think I've shown you before. These are more from the $2 each thing I explained yesterday. They had the full collections for $10, I think it was, so I just got the whole Spring one from last year since I wanted to replace a few and a backup of one.

    As in Part I, some of these are older and only labelled "DBP-Free" (again, not my punctuation), and a while back I peeled a label on an older one to find toluene and formaldehyde in it, so I'll make mention of whether each is Big Three Free for those of you who care as I go through them.

    Also as in Part I, most were all two-coaters, with the one exception being a three-coat jelly, and all applied just beautifully. Again, the shimmers can look frosty when wet, which is when I took the pictures, but that dies down to a strong shimmer without brush strokes.

    Bohemian Rhapsody is a delicate champagne shimmer, and I had to have it for the name. This one's labelled "DBP-Free."

    SpaRitual Bohemian Rhapsody Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Bohemian Rhapsody
    SpaRitual Bohemian Rhapsody Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Enlightened is a girly pink shimmer with a subtle blue flash, a great Springy one, also only DBP free.

    SpaRitual Enlightened Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Enlightened
    SpaRitual Enlightened Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Revere is one from last Spring, an orange shimmer that absolutely glows like hot embers, and is Big Three Free.

    SpaRitual Revere Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Revere
    SpaRitual Revere Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Against the Grain is a deep red wine shimmer that's labelled "DBP-Free," but one of my favorites just the same.

    SpaRitual Against the Grain Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Against the Grain
    SpaRitual Against the Grain Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Steel Magnolia is the classic, and was hard to find for quite a while. I suppose that's because a ton of it was sitting in a warehouse somewhere. It's a steel blurple shimmer that lights up in the sun, also labelled "DBP-Free."

    SpaRitual Steel Magnolia Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Steel Magnolia
    SpaRitual Steel Magnolia Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The last is also from last Spring, Love. It's a slightly peachy pink jelly, and it's the one for which I needed three coats.

    SpaRitual Love Nail Lacquer
    SpaRitual Love
    SpaRitual Love Nail Polish, Two Coats

    I think now I've shown you the colors from that order that you hadn't seen before. I should have some others to show you later this week, but we'll get there then...

    Since most of these are more recent, if you "need" any, sparkling*nails on ebay probably has them in stock. If not, you can ask her about a color via email, and she's really helpful.

    That's what I have for you for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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