SpaRitual She's A River & Water Decals

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Predictably, I couldn't stand a 3rd choice manicure, so I changed it.

    Maybe a little over a month ago, a site had a little sale on SpaRituals for a few days, and they were all of $2. I got a bunch that I needed to replace, and one of my favorites, She's A River, was available. Two years ago, this was my go-to summer color.

    It's a sheer-ish blue shimmer with the great SpaRitual glow. It can be opaque in a lot of coats on its own, but I used it over white. I couldn't find Essie Walk Down the Aisle, so I used one coat of Orly White Out, then three of She's A River.

    SpaRitual She's A River
    SpaRitual She's A River Nail Polish, Three Coats over White

    That would have been just fine on its own, but having taken out the water decals this morning, I had to give them a go. These are really good ones - easy to apply and not too fragile, but still smooth.

    SpaRitual She's A River Nail Polish
    SpaRitual She's A River Nail Polish, Three Coats over White with Water Decals

    The other thing that happened is I had the resistance of a two year old for the Konad gem decals. I have some one the way - opening that page to get the link did me in...

    That's the update for today. Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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