SpaRitual Spice of Life & Water Decals

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I went to bed early, condemning myself to being up super early. So I watched Cheers and did a manicure.

    I dug into the SpaRituals and picked out Spice of Life, a dark red shimmer, and then looked through the water decals. There were others I got from Trans Design I did not show you in the package because they're small, and I chose some gold ones from those.

    I used two coats of Spice of Life, on coat of Diamont, then waited about five minutes before applying the decals. I was quite pleased with these - they're sturdy and didn't fall apart at all. I think they look like gold foil on the nail, and am really happy with the outcome.

    SpaRitual Spice of Life Nail Polish
    SpaRitual Spice of Life Nail Polish, Two Coats, with Gold Water Decals

    To apply the decals, I just cut out a strip of ones I wanted, submerged them in water for about 20 seconds, waited about another 10 seconds, then the decals slid around on the backing paper. I slid them off one at a time and applied them. One benefit to water decals is they're very forgiving with respect to placement - they'll slide on the nail, and if one dried out a bit, I just got a drop of water on my finger to finish adjusting it. They lie nice and smooth, much more so than any other decals. I finished them with a coat of Diamont to seal them.

    That's the update for this morning, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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