busy busy busy!!!

    Seems like i have been too lazy to update my blog so all i have to do now is blogging blogging and blogging!!! haiz...thats y i have been so busy now... but don know y my body keep playing on me cos i'm like non stop going to toilet for small flush!!! gosh>
    Nevermind..i can still keep uploading my nails picture to show all of you.

    This is my own creation when i was still at T.CURVE Flea Market. This customer likes to have glamour nail so i use only silver gliter to draw the round line and do some white dot following the round line.
    This nail is doing for my boyfriend's god sister for her wedding.. is likt too long cos i didnt bring too much tools that time..hehe

    this nail is really makes me go crazy cos it took me around 2 hours to finish them and it's before new year ...the most busiest time><
    My 1st customer Gel nail customer!

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