Chanel Jade & Konad M54

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and Happy Earth Day!

    I had a hard time choosing an Earth Day manicure, so I went with my favorite green, Chanel Jade, and a floral Konad pattern from plate M54.  I just took the picture a few minutes ago, so the early morning light is somewhat yellow.  I used the Konad polish bottle in the picture for two reasons: one, I was feeling lazy and it was about ten feet closer to get (the caffeine's still kicking in!), and two, I was afraid to document how low my Jade has gotten.  I'm about halfway through the bottle.  Fortunately, I love Revlon Minted almost as much (I'll show you that soon).

    So here's my Earth Day manicure:

    Chanel Jade Nail Polish, Konad M54
    Chanel Jade Nail Polish and Konad M54
    For the stamping, I used Konad red and green on one rose pattern.  Since I did Jade last night and the stamping while the coffee brewed, I used Konad top coat on this one.

    This mani may not last too long - I have something on its way today that I'll show you if it gets here early enough.  It's some pretty cool stuff, so I hope it gets here in time.

    That it for now, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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