Chanel Riviera

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I promise that after today I will cut it out with the decals on Les Pop-Up de Chanel polishes, but for today, I'm doing one more.  I can't stop myself.

    Riviera is today's pick, two coats with the pink pearl and pink rhinestone Konad Rhinestone Glam decals.  I'm up early because I have eight zillion things to do today, and I'll be out doing them for a good seven hours.  That means I topcoated the heck out of this manicure, using three coats over the decals.  I don't want to be leaving a trail of fake pink pearls and rhinestones wherever I go... The pictures I took today are under artificial light - the one of Riviera with the whole Les Pop-Up de Chanel collection is the more color accurate one on my monitor.

    Chanel Riviera Nail Polish and Pink Pearl Konad Rhinestone Glam Decals
    Chanel Riviera Nail Polish with Fake Pink Pearl Konad Rhinestone Glam Decals
    That's all there is this morning, Dear Reader.Something cool is supposed to show up today, and if it does and I'm able to swatch it, I'll have more for you later.  If not, then not.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you! 

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