China Glaze Poolside & Konad M80

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I had such fun with my overboard skittles mani yesterday that I decided to try another, this time taking away the lesson that I should Konad once to pull it together, and keep it simple.  So today, I used the five cremes from the China Glaze Poolside Collection.

    China Glaze Poolside Collection Cremes
    Pool Party, Sun Worshipper, Kiwi Cool-ada, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Flip Flop Fantasy

    Then to tie the colors together a bit, I added a tip pattern from Konad Plate M80 in White Konad Special Polish.

    China Glaze Poolside Collection Cremes with Konad M80
    China Glaze Poolside Cremes with Konad M80 in Konad White Special Polish

    I think I'd count this one as a success for more than the last one - I stopped stamping a lot sooner!  For reference, the nail polish bottle is Pool Party, my thumb's color.

    I happily call this one a Nails of the Day, and I wish love and nail polish to you!  

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