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    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm cursed with being up early as a consequence of going to bed early, so I thought I'd show you my Nails of the Day.  I started it last night with the nail polish, let it finish completely setting while I slept, and just added the decals a few minutes ago.

    This mani shows two of my recent kicks in one - skittles (each nail a different color) and decals.  I've always liked decals, so I can explain that one away, but I've never been too wild about skittle manis before, but am having a great time with them.

    I got a backup set of Color Club's Electro Candy Collection from last summer in my last VNS order.  Which reminds me - they have Poolside up, and China Glaze nail polish prices go up $0.30 on the 15th, so get 'em while you can.  Kiwi Cool-ada sold out in hours on Trans Design.  Back to my story: Electro Candy.  I got the backup of the collection because I'd count this as one of my top ten favorite collections ever.

    I decided last night to do another rainbow mani with it, and since I wore Ultra Violet recently, that's the color I left out.  I let it dry overnight before adding decals because I find the polish under decals never quite cures right if I add them too soon.  The decals I chose were from that Korean pack I got where there are four tip patterns.  Quite a lot of decisions on this one: six colors, four decals, five fingers!

    Color Club Electro Candy, Tangerine Scream, Volt of Light, What A Shock!, Pure Energy
    Electro Candy, Tangerine Scream, Volt of Light, What A Shock!, Pure Energy
    The bottle is Ultra Violet so it wouldn't feel left out.  You'll be seeing more of these colors - they're my favorite neons, I just don't know where my original set is.  Now that I can locate one, I can wear them!

    That's all for this morning, Dear Reader.  I also has some fun nail art supplies in that VNS order that I played with yesterday, I'll try to give you a peek at that later.  Until then, Love and nail polish to you!  

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