Essie Shorty Pants & SpaRitual Full of Life

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I thought I'd show you the other new SpaRitual I got from yet another Summer 2010 collection, Full of Life from the Soulful Collection.  I tried it out last night, and it's a good pastel blue creme, a two coater.  I spiced it up with some Konad Rhinestone Glam decals, but woke up to find I'd lost a stone on my ring finger while I slept.

    SpaRitual Full of Life Nail Polish with Fake Pearl Konad Rhinestone Glam Decals
    SpaRitual Full of Life Nail Polish and Fake Pearl Konad Rhinestone Glam Decals

    Since I was missing a stone and that would drive me crazy all day, I redid my Nails of the Day as the coffee brewed.  I used Essie Shorty Pants from Essie's 2008 Neons, a bright crayon yellow creme three-coater.  It's not neon at all, but a great bright yellow.  To it, I added a Konad pattern from plate M69 using a green Konad Princess polish (I so wish they had labels!).  I thought I'd lost my Konad plate M69 and have been hunting for it for it specifically for the pattern I used today, and as I resigned myself to replacing it, I found this morning that I'd put it somewhere "safe."  I should never put anything anywhere "safe" because that means I won't see it for a long time.  Here's the mani to welcome back M69 - it's 1974 on my nails...

    Essie Shorty Pants with Konad Plate M69
    Essie Shorty Pants and Konad Plate M69 in Konad Princess Polish

    That's the update for this morning, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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