Hot Topic Fauxnad & Konad Plate M2

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I'm on a neon with Konad kick lately, and have yesterday's and today's Nails of the Day to show you.

    Yesterday, I did a skittles manicure (another kick altogether) using Color Club Poptastic and topped it off with the stars pattern from one of the Hot Topic fauxnad plates.  I wish Hot Topic still made these!  The base coloes are, from thumb to pinky (or top to bottom), Pucci-liscious, Jackie Oh!, Mrs. Robinson, Chelsea Girl, and Twiggie, and I did the stamping using Konad White Special Polish.

    Hot Topic Fauxnad over Color Club Poptastic
    Hot Topic Fauxnad in Konad White over Color Club Poptastic

    For today, I used Essie Punchy Pink and, again using Konad White, stamped it with Konad plate M2, using two patterns.  For the picture, I had to use my back-up bottle of Punchy Pink - there's about 1/4 left in my original.  I might get another while I still can - this is my favorite pink neon, and it also makes me laugh every time I wear it when I think of the friend of mine calling it "whorish and unwearable" the first time I wore it.  I also giggle a little at the memory of wearing it to a court thing in Chicago (divorce stuff), and a guy in a sports car being a complete jerk on the drive from where I live now while I was in no mood for it.  The look on his face when I showed him a nicely manicured Punchy Pink middle finger out the window as he finally passed me was priceless.  

    Konad Plate M2 over Essie Punchy Pink
    Konad Plate M2 in Konad White over Essie Punchy Pink

    I might have to change this one - the down side to doing your nails while coffee brews is making poor choices.  I have a date with an old flame tonight, and showing up with hearts and "love" all over my nails might rightfully freak him out.

    So the main points for today are that (i) Hot Topic shouldn't have discontinued their nail stamping kit, and (ii) Essie Punchy Pink is good for highway driving for the flip-off factor.

    That's it for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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