Me Fumiko and Tomo.

    Well... it's really a very precious thing to get to know Fumiko and her son Tomo.. they are my 1st japanese customer and Fumiko actually helps me alot with my business when i just started my nail business on my own. she had introduced many customers to me and makes my business grown up from 1 to 2 person and now almost 70 persons.

    I'm really appreciate what she had done for me when I was trying to give up on myself. she keep intruduce more and more of her friends to me and she even post my nail picture and my contact number on her blog just try to help me to get more customers.

    Tomo is a very lovely child when i first met him.. he is only 6months that time and now he grown up so tall and cute..

    This is the first time i met Tomo and he is only 6 months old.

    This is Tomo for 3 years old. he grow up so tall and cute.

    This is me, Fumiko and Tomo. we took this pic at Fumiko's house for our last gathering because they are leaving malaysia soon.

    Now they have moved back to japan and start their new live in tokyo japan. i will always miss her and Tomo. Fumiko! Wish u all the best in japan!

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