Misa Black Out Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Earlier this week, three Misa collections popped up on Head2Toe without warning: Black Out, Mardi Gras, and Bare Necessities.  I got all three of the Black Out colors, five of the six Mardi Gras (I didn't want another red creme), and none of the three Bare Necessities, which are all described as sheer.

    Mine arrived, and I swatched the Black Out colors for you since I haven't seen anything of them online.  All three are cremes and two coaters.  The pictures are with srtificial light - it keeps raining here, with the sun coming and going.

    Total Eclipse of the Heart is a slightly muted, slightly blue medium purple.  I had to have this one for the name.

    Misa Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Misa Total Eclipse of the Heart from Misa's Black Out Collection
    It's Electric is a pretty medium blue creme.

    Misa It's Electric
    Misa It's Electric from Misa's Black Out Collection
    Finally, Black Out, a black creme.  Misa seems to be very proud of their black creme, because they keep re-releasing it under different names.  It's almost good in one coat, certainly good enough for layering, but I did two to be consistent.  This one is a bit dry, as I used it as my post-swatching manicure, layering something over it I'll show you another time.

    Misa Black Out
    Misa Black Out from Misa's Black Out Collection
    So that's Misa's Black Out Collection.  I have no complaints about them, they all applied well, and I like the colors quite a bit.  Truthfully, Misa Where's the Soiree, the last release of Misa's black creme, was my go-to black for layering for a while, but I don't know where it is... I'm glad to have a replacement.  

    I'll show you the Mardi Gras less the red soon, but you're on your own for Bare necessities!

    That's all for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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