More Konad Decals

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Yesterday was one of those frustrating days where I had to do eight zillion downloads and installations, so I occupied myself by playing with nail polish and Konad decals while I sat waiting to agree to things and Next my way through them.

    I have the Konad decals I already bought here at my computer desk, so they kept catching my eye. In the afternoon I finally decided to play with some that are black beads and clear rhinestones. I had a hard time deciding what color to put them over - pink, red, silver... I settled on grey, Nubar Stronghold, and while it dried enough to apply the decals I placed an embarrassingly large order with WowSoCool for more decals and a couple of plates. I'm such a fool for these things...

    Here's two coats of Stronghold with the decals.

    Konad Glam Rhinestone Stickers over Nubar Stronghold
    Konad Glam Rhinestone Stickers
    Konad Glam Rhinestone Stickers over Two Coats Nubar Stronghold Nail Polish

    Many hours, downloads, and Nexts later, my mind wandered a bit to my mom. This week was her favorite week of the year - she had a Master's in Theology, so she'd get really into the services. We'd have nice dinners and flowers on the table all week, and she'd be all excited and happy for Easter. So I did a little mani for my mom, colors she liked with things she liked, which is my Nails of the Day today. I used the 3D decals, which come a ton to a pack, and wanted a delicate pink base, so I used a coat of Essie Walk Down the Aisle and three coats of Essie Luscious Lips. Here it is all covered in roses.

    Konad 3D Stickers over Essie Luscious Lips
    Konad 3D Stickers
    Konad 3D Stickers over Three Coats Essie Luscious Lips Nail Polish

    I'm having more fun with these than anyone should - they just entertain the heck out of me!

    If you haven't entered for a $50 gift certificate to WSC, please do, and until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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