Nails again!

    I found back my long lost memories when i am checking my old nails pictures in my computer, i remember when i first started to have my own business, i have try out many many ways just to make more money. this is one of the way that i try to make money and do advertising for my nail salon. I'm doing some small business at THE CURVE Flea Market every saturday and sunday to let ppl know my nail art and where my nail salon is. these are some of the nail art that i do for my customers and they cost only RM20 full hand!!!
    this nail is like almost 4 years ago.. and this is a real nail. my customer has a very nice nails and she likes 3d very much and this cost her around RM150!!!
    this is my friend yiniko's nail she like simple patterns and this is really suit her.

    blue gliters with a small flowers!!

    fake nail with a simple butterfly painted on the nails.

    christmas snowflakes!

    i like this very much and this is from my long lost customer and now i lost her again.. hehe.

    black lace.... gothic right!

    i like this too.. this is like colorful tinted Glass.
    Well.. the stall that i rent for 1 day is like cost me around RM100 per day but finally i still can earn a little bit lah!!

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