Nfu Oh 52

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    After swatching Misa's Black Out Collection, I needed a manicure, so I used a base coat with Black Out (the nail polish color, a black creme), two coats of Black Out, and added two coats of Nfu Oh 52 to it.  I don't like to do four coats of color, three is the limit of my comfort level, but I tested on one nail to see if a second coat of the Nfu Oh made a difference, and it did.

    Nfu Oh 52 is a flaky glitter in a mostly blue base that goes to green, kind of a blue version of Nfu Oh 51.  This is another I got with the current sale.

    Nfu Oh 52
    Nfu Oh 52, Two Coats over Two Coats Misa Black Out
    In normal, walking around circumstances, my pinky nail looks fine, but magnified, I see my application was a bit off!  I was just tired of swatching and doing my nails - by the fourth coat, I was hurrying to just be done with it.  I hope you can forgive me and see the pretty Nfu Oh for what it is!  See how the color shifts?  Pretty cool, I think.

    I hope to get Misa's Mardi Gras swatched today, and depending on whether I accomplish that and my enthusiasm for them, you may see those later today.

    Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!  

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