Nfu Oh 61 & Konad M72

    Good morning, Dear Reader! is having a sale on Nfu Oh's, and I took advantage if it.  I got my package yesterday, and the first one I used was Nfu Oh 61, the silver holographic one.

    It took three coats to get rid of all the bald spots - the application wasn't the best.  I use SpaRitual Lacquer Lock Base Coat, which is a bit sticky, to help, and finished it with SpaRitual Tout de Suite, since that's watery thin and I didn't want to interfer with the holo effect.  Here's Nfu Oh 61 alone.

    Nfu Oh 61
    Nfu Oh 61, Three Coats
    That's under artificial light - you can imagine how holo it is in sunlight.

    I added a pattern from Konad Plate M72 to it, using Black Konad Special Polish.

    Nfu Oh 61 with Konad M72
    Nfu Oh 61 with Konad M72 in Black Konad Special Polish
    I love holos.  They're generally high maintenance to apply, but so well worth the effort.  For silver holographic nail polishes, I think Nfu Oh 61, GOSH Holographic, and Chanel Holographic are a tie for first place.  The Chanel's slightly in the lead for holo effect, but given the price tag associated with it now, I'd call it a tie.

    I believe Nfu Oh 61 might be out of stock right now, but if you email Jocelyn through the FabulouStreet contact form, she makes a waiting list and notifies people when things come back into stock.  There are other colors of Nfu Oh holos as well, a green and blue I have (just a slight tint of color), as well as a pink, and perhaps others (those are what I think of off the top of my head).  If you've been putting off a Nfu Oh purchase, now's the time to go for it.

    That's all for now, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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