Nubar Hot Pink & Whites

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I just got around to doing my nails today, and thought I'd give you a peek.  It's Nubar Hot Pink with Konad M19 tips, and intended to be silly.

    You see, I live in the land of pink and whites (the acrylics made into a permanent French manicure).  Supposing someone has her nails done at all, I'd say it's an 80% chance that they're pink and whites.  Even my best friend has them.  That's a down side to living in a smaller community - when I lived in downtown Chicago, I'd see all kinds of fun manicures and high fashion galore (not that I participated in the fashion side of things!), but here, we're many years behind the trends.  So somewhat short pink & whites it is.

    I went through some pinks to find a low-maintenance neon, and ended up with Nubar Hot Pink, which took three coats.  I did some things until it was dry enough to stamp, then used Konad white with plate M19 to make French tips.  The white wasn't totally, stark-as-white-out opaque, so I went over it with two coats of Orly White Out, making the coats as thin as I possibly could.  I can't freehand a Funky French tip to save my life - heck, I can only freehand a regular French tip when my nails are their shortest, and imperfectly at that, so using the Konad stamp as a guide was necessary for me even though I went back over it with polish.  The polish isn't quite perfect - I took a call while I stamped and painted the tips.  I actually thought I did well until I saw the magnified pictures to show me where I blurred a line here and there - walking around, they look like I wanted them to.

    So this, Dear Reader, is my parody of pink and whites to make me giggle today.

    Nubar Hot Pink with Konad M19 Orly White Out Tips
    Nubar Hot Pink with Konad M19 & Orly White Out Tips
    This one really does make me giggle - the pink is so pink, and the white is so white.  I do love a good parody...  I still have a few errands to run today, so this one will be seen, and I'm glad!

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!

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