Zoya Flash Collection

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Yesterday I received samples from Zoya of their Flash Collection for Summer 2010, and I have swatches of them for you today, which is, as luck would have it, the official release date of the collection. Flash consists of six cremes, and all required two moderate coats to be opaque and even. Their application was nice - the formula is a bit thick, but not in a way that makes it hard to work with at all, and the dry time was good. Even though these are just swatches, I waited for the first coat to dry before applying the second, and the wait was short.

    I took the pictures in sunlight, and I'll just use alphabetical order to present them to you - each is a good, solid color, so ranking them by preference would be a real challenge.

    Dana is a vivid deep pink bordering of fuchsia, described by Zoya as "American rose cream." It's a bold color, definitely a shade I like, but at the same time is very wearable.

    Zoya Dana Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Dana
    Zoya Dana Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Jancyn is a medium orange leaning just a tiny bit toward yellow, like the color of a Sunkist orange. Zoya calls it "soft tangerine cream." It's an unusual shade of orange in a good way.

    Zoya Jancyn Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Jancyn
    Zoya Jancyn Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Zoya calls Jolene "summer pink cream," but I see it as a fabulous pink just a hair darker than Barbie pink, and is a very wearable color. Lately, I'm becoming more aware of how "wearable" colors are, for some reason - as a programmer, I don't work with the public, have generally been the only woman in my department (which made me the standard setter for what was appropriate) or worked from home, so it's always been "anything goes" for me. I'm beginning to give consideration to those for whom that is not true, and look at whether in a standard setting a nail polish would work, and for even the conservative, Jolene would fit the bill.

    Zoya Jolene Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Jolene
    Zoya Jolene Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Maura is one heck of a tomato red with just a hint of orange, describe by Zoya as "electric crimson cream." This is the kind of red to which even I would have a hard time adding any kind of nail art, it's so strong on its own.

    Zoya Maura Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Maura
    Zoya Maura Nail Polish, Two Coats

    Perrie is a delicate lavender, and Zoya calls it "soft lavender cream." Hey, I matched one! I'm looking at the bottle and the picture to write my description first, one at a time, then getting the "official" description off the press release. Zoya and I are in complete agreement on Perrie!

    Zoya Perrie Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Perrie
    Zoya Perrie Nail Polish, Two Coats

    The last color is Robyn, which is a vivid sky blue, a really gorgeous shade. Zoya calls it "perfect turquoise cream."

    Zoya Robyn Nail Polish from Zoya's Flash Collection
    Zoya Robyn
    Zoya Robyn Nail Polish, Two Coats

    In general, I think that cremes are the hardest finish to apply nice and evenly, and all six in the Flash Collection applied with ease. As you can see, in two coats I did not have uneven patches or streaks, which is a huge plus. Additionally, although I enjoy pastels, I like the fact that all six shades in Flash are bold, and that there's tremendous variety within the collection, yet the colors still hang together as a collection well. I give Zoya's Flash Collection two well-manicured thumbs up.

    That's what I have for you this morning, Dear Reader. I'll have more for you later - Zoya's Sparkle collection arrived as well, also with today as the release date, so I'll give you a peek at those too. Until then, love and nail polish to you!

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