Zoya Flash & Tangerine Scream

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I just took a picture of my Nails of the Day before I do some swatching (this morning's post was a few days old), and I ran into another picture I hadn't shown you yet, so I thought I'd show you both.

    My NOTD is Color Club Tangerine Scream with Konad Bead Tattoos on it.  I did the polish last night and the decals this morning, and I definitely think that works better for me.  Tangerine Scream took four coats to be opaque, but is worth it to me.  I love this orange!  I also finished it first with the top coat that came with Electro Candy, which claims to increase the vibrancy of colors.  I find it makes a marginal difference, and if I'm going for four coats, what's one more - I used the Color Club top coat before Diamont and drying drops.  I then added yellow & green heart Konad Bead Tattoos, which come in packs of 15, with three colors in each, so you have to buy an even number of the packets if you want one on each nail.

    Color Club Tangerine Scream and Konad Bead Tattoos
    Color Club Tangerine Scream and Heart Konad Bead Tattoos
    I don't want to remove this one to swatch, but I don't know if tomorrow will bring me sun, so I must.  It's like my nails are little suns, and it makes me think it's warm out when it's not.

    The other picture I ran into was of Zoya Flash skittles with white flower decals on the tips.

    Zoya Flash: Dana, Perrie, Robyn, Jancyn, Jolene with Decals
    Zoya Flash Collection: Dana, Perrie, Robyn, Jancyn, Jolene (Thumb to Pinky) with Decals
    I liked that one - it was very Springy.

    That's all for today, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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