Chanel Rouge Noir & Orange Fizz

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have two nail polishes to show you that have little in common other than that they're both Chanel cremes, Rouge Noir and Orange Fizz.  I've showed you Rouge Noir before, bur it's a favorite so here it is again.

    I wore Rouge Noir earlier this week because I just needed a break from all the brights and pastels of the season, and it's the anti-bright.  This is two coats in strong sunlight.

    Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish, Two Coats
    Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Polish, Two Coats in the Sun

    Ain't she a beaut?  I know there are many cousins and dupes to Rouge Noir, but non I've found have quite the same finish.

    Yesterday afternoon I switched to the seasonally appropriate Orange Fizz, a pale ornage that's not too pale or pastel at all.  This is two coats in moderate sun.

    Chanel Orange Fizz Nail Polish
    Chanel Orange Fizz Nail Polish, Two Coats in the Sun

    This one's another keeper for me.  I think I just really love Chanel nail polish - if it's a color I like, I'm bound to love Chanel's version of it.

    That's all for this morning, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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