Nubar 2010

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I looked at the forecast and saw that there's no sun in sight for a while, so I used the light box to show you some Nubar 2010 swatches and a comparison to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

    I'll start with the comparison.  With the bottles side by side, the base of Nubar 2010 is a lot clearer and the flakies more colorful.

    Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010 Comparison
    Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010 Bottle Comparison

    On the nail over Nubar Black Chrome, the flakes in Nubar 2010 are smaller and a good bit denser (there are patches missing flakes on the HT nails).  This is one coat of each.  On my thumb, you can see that the Nubar flakies reflect a lot of green.

    Nubar 2010 & Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure Compared over Black
    Nubar 2010 & Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure Compared over Nubar Black Chrome

    Now for the swatches... I tried it over pastels, neons, and some mid-tone shimmers.  Here are the pastels, China Glaze Something Sweet, Re-Fresh Mint, Peachy Keen, and Lemon Fizz.

    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Pastels
    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Pastels, One Coat

    The neons are Color Club Jackie Oh!, Mrs. Robinson, Wham! Pow!, and Warhol.

    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Neons
    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Neons, One Coat

    The shimmers are Nubar Conserve, Raspberry Truffle, Pasadena Purple, and Sultry Red.

    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Shimmers
    Nubar 2010 Swatches over Shimmers, One Coat

    One thing I noticed is that the flakes appear to be a different color based on the base they're on.  They look more yellow on the pastels, opal-y orange on hte neons, and are all over the place on the shimmers.

    For my Nails of the Day, I put Nubar 2010 over Sensual Red, and I'm happy with the outcome.

    Nubar 2010 over Nubar Sensual Red
    Nubar 2010, One Coat, over Nubar Sensual Red, Two Coats

    I would have preferred sunlight for these pictures, but I also didn't want to wait a week to do them.  Those are my Nubar 2010 swatches for you, and the update for this morning.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!  

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