Nubar Sky Sparkle & Other News

    Hello, Dear Reader!

    My layering kick continues... This time it's Nubar Sky Sparkle over Nubar Mali-Blue.  If you recall, Sky Sparkle was the one from that Nubar Sparkles Collection that wasn't opaque, and I finally found the right polish to use under it.  I had Mali-Blue out from a recent skittles manicure, and noticed it was about the same color, so I tried it and it worked.  This is two coats of Mali-Blue (which dries really, really fast) topped with two coats of Sky Sparkle.  It's under artificial light, and much more impressive than the picture shows.

    Nubar Sky Sparkle Nail Polish over Nubar Mali-Blue
    Nubar Sky Sparkle Nail Polish over Nubar Mali-Blue, Two Coats Each

    On to the other news... I have a few things for you.  I've been saving up swatch pictures for almost a week because on Sephora's site, they just got in do-it-yourself Minx nail coverings (here), and I've got some on the way.  I want to test-drive a set for a week and see how they hold up.  Also on Sephora's site are a few new glitter top coats, as well as the Illamasqua pastels I showed you not long ago.

    There's more good news, too.  Yesterday I discovered that sparkling*nails and ebay seller r93 (who I bought from years ago with no issues) seem to be clearing out their OPI stock - the prices on hard to find polishes have dropped dramatically, many at or below retail.  They're definitely worth a look.

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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