RBL SpongeBob Nail Polishes

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I'm what, a year, year and a half late on showing you Rescue Beauty Lounge's SpongeBob Collection?  That's because I wasn't sold on them until recently, and when I placed an RBL order, I sprung for them and got them today.

    The reason I was reluctant was that from reading other reviews of them, I knew they took four coats and that even at four coats there was a visible nail line.  I flinched at the four coats thing both because that's high maintenance and because that's using a lot of a high end polish at one time.  I changed my mind because I've been successful in layering over white as of late, so I figured two coats of the RBL's might work over two coats of either Essie Walk Down the Aisle (if I'm up for risking a bit of VNL) or Orly White Out (which I used today).  That left only the high maintenance issue, and I liked all three colors enough to deal with that.

    What I like about all three is that they're the slightly off-beat RBL kind of shades - the blue's a little dustier than others, the coral a bit peachier, the yellow a little paler.  They're essentially RBL doing cool cremes, which is what I look to them for.

    I swatched the three to see if they'd work over White Out - they did.  I really, really like them.  Keep in mind this is not how the colors were intended to be worn, but my way of wearing them.

    Squarepants is a great pastel yellow.  It could probably use a third coat over White Out to be perfect, but I was trying to be consistent and see what two would do.  For a yellow, a third coat's not bad at all, so I'll try that next time.

    RBL SpongeBob Nail Polish, Two Coats Squarepants
    RBL SpongeBob: Two Coats Squarepants over Two Coats Orly White Out 

    Bikini Bottom is a light blue that's just a tiny bit dusty, making it more interesting than just a pale blue.  Two coats of it over two coats of White Out was just right.

    RBL SpongeBob Nail Polish, Two Coats Bikini Bottom
    RBL SpongeBob: Two Coats Bikini Bottom over Two Coats Orly White Out

    The one I chose to wear is Starfish Patrick, which was also perfect in two coats.  I had to be careful while waiting between coats on this one - there was an incident during shipping that cracked a corner of the bottle and the crack has started to spider outward, so I was afraid to tighten the cap at all lest I be left with a handful of Starfish Patrick and broken glass.  I emailed Ji at RBL about it as soon as I found the damage, and typical RBL customer service, she simply asked for the picture I offered in order to replace it.  Things happen, but RBL is always great about dealing with them.

    RBL SpongeBob Nail Polish, Two Coats Starfish Patrick
    RBL SpongeBob: Two Coats Starfish Patrick over Two Coats Orly White Out

    So those are my swatches of layered RBL SpongeBob nail polishes.  I'm really happy I finally went for them, and I have other nice RBL's to show you in the coming week.  Tomorrow morning, though, I have something really fun (I think!).

    That's all for today, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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