Nubar Torrid Red & Konad M71

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today's just another Nails of the Day.  I have a few things to swatch for you, but I haven't had good morning sun in a while...

    So today is Nubar Torrid Red with a lace pattern from Konad plate M71 using Konad Gold Black (or Black Gold, I forget the name) Princess Polish.  The Konad doesn't show up a whole lot - I'm doing something today where I didn't want to be too off the wall with it, but a day without Konad is like a day without sunshine.

    I've shown you Torrid Red before - it's really well pigmented for a red and is a two-coater.  Here's the finished manicure.

    Nubar Torrid Red Nail Polish & Konad M71
    Nubar Torrid Red Nail Polish, Two Coats with Konad M71

    That's all I have for today, so until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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