Chanel Paradoxal

    Good morning, Dear Reader, and Happy Fourth of July!

    Last week I got Chanel Paradoxal (not "Paradoxical," as some department stores have it listed), and I tried it out yesterday.  It's an interesting taupe/purple shimmer, and it was good in two coats.  The color shifts quite a bit with light, from more purple and shimmery in glaring sun to barely a shimmer at all and mostly taupe in dim indoor lighting.  I took the picture under artificial light so it would be more in the middle, more representative of what Paradoxal looks like most of the time.  I thought if I used the glaring sunlight, it would look deceptively shimmery and purple.

    Chanel Paradoxal
    Chanel Paradoxal Nail Polish, Two Coats

    I'm still not entirely sure what I think of this one - I might like it enough to keep, I might not.  I did want to get it posted here for you while it's still on, so if you need it, you can go get it for retail.

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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