Misa What I Like About You Collection

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I was just checking my email, and found a press release I got from Misa last night.  It's for their What I Like About You Collection for Fall 2010.

    Here are the bottle pictures.

    Misa What I Like About You Collection
    Misa's What I Like About You Collection for Fall 2010

    Here's the promo picture.

    Misa What I Like About You
    Misa's What I Like About You Promo Picture

    And there's the text of the press release, with the bold being mine so it's s little easier to read:

    Fall in Love This Fall With Misa Cosmetics’ What I Like About You Collection

    July 19, 2010 – Philadelphia, PA. Sometimes it’s easy to know just what you want, but
    you’ll immediately know what you need when you lay your eyes on the Misa Cosmetics
    What I Like About You Collection, six new shades for fall that plumb the depths of
    color intensity. You’ve explored the dark side of romance with the Poisoned Passion
    Collection; now fall in love with the ecstasy that love can provide through these dare-
    you-to-look-away glimmering hues. Just like a budding affair, these colors will spark
    inexplicable emotions and near-obsessive thoughts. Go ahead—indulge your deepest
    Fall 2010: What I Like About You Collection
    Quirky Smile: Something about his lilted smile lets you know he’s interested…and
    this shimmering Prussian blue is no less attention-grabbing. However, this rich shade
    invites you into deeper territory—what’s lurking beneath? In this case, you’ll discover a
    polish that evokes stormy skies and churning seas, a perfect metaphor for love’s mixed
    Like It Like That: You can’t avoid feeling upbeat when a relationship is going just right,
    or when gazing at nails that are the perfect shade. Just try to block this candy apple
    green out of your mind; when you like it like that, why deny yourself the pleasure?
    Spinning Out of Control: Sometimes you just can’t control yourself—and you
    wouldn’t have it any other way. Embrace that euphoric feeling with a brooding
    cobalt blue-violet that says, “Don’t stop this merry-go-round; I’m enjoying the ride!”
    It’s You!: Searching for the perfect mate is like searching for the perfect nail polish
    shade: When you find it, you know right away. Like a perfect-match partner, this
    multilayered iridescent hue offers the best of both worlds: a smoldering forest green shot
    through with copper ribbons that glimmer and twinkle perfectly in candlelight.
    Perfect Kiss: Don’t blush! When you recognize a good moment, grab what’s yours: the
    perfect kiss. A well-planted smooch can provide material for days of daydreaming, and
    this vibrant fuchsia is equally fantasy-inspiring. An eye-catching color like this one will
    have any man’s lips quivering uncontrollably.
    When U Say My Name: Chances are, your man has plenty to say, but nothing is sweeter
    than when he whispers your name while in a sweet embrace. Blissfully sink into the
    moment while donning this sultry rust, and don’t be afraid to demand, “Say it again!”

    No release date is specified.  I received the press release after 5 on Friday, so I don't know if July 19 is just the official date of the press release or if it's the collection release date.

    That's what I know today.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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