Illamasqua Rare & Elope & Konad M44

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I decided to have more fun with brights and Konad to ward off the cold.  I started by selecting a highlighter yellow, Illamasqua Rare.  I figured I'd add some green Konad to it, but I noticed in picking it out that Illamasqua Elope was pretty close to Konad Green Special Polish, and added an accent nail of Illamasqua Elope before stamping the Rare nails with a striped tip pattern from Konad plate M44 in green.  I like the result, but something about it still reminds me about running shoes from the 1970's.

    Illamasqua Rare & Elope Nail Polishes & Konad M44
    Illamasqua Rare & Elope Nail Polishes with Konad M44

    Rare, the yellow, is more neon than my camera could pick up, and a nice one.  It took three coats to be opaque and even, which is quite good for a neon yellow.  I used two coats of Elope, the green.

    That's just about all I have for you right now, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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