Dior Timeless Gold

    Good evening, Dear Reader!

    I've been neglecting you again this week, I'm sorry.  It's not just you that I've been neglecting, it's my nails too.  I've been working on a project that's tough on a manicure, so I haven't changed polish this week, which means I didn't have any pictures to show you.  Today, however, when faced with a scraggly, chippy, five day old manicure, I finally changed it.

    I used Dior Timeless Gold, one of Dior's Holiday 2010 polishes.  It's a light gold, very pretty, and it was perfect in two coats.  I'm really happy that I decided to spring for this one.

    Dior Timeless Gold
    Dior Timeless Gold Nail Polish, Two Coats

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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