Revlon Fire Fox

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I've been neglecting you this week because I've been pretty uninspired as far as interesting manicures lately.  Then yesterday, I saw the display for the Revlon Matte Suedes, which I've seen before, but they appealed to me enough to pick them up yesterday, and I was eager to try Fire Fox out.

    I used a ridge filling base coat, then three coats of Fire Fox.  Mine was quite thin, so it needed three to get opaque.  Once it dried, I absolutely hated it.  My vision was of a vivid, shimmery red that was matte, so it wouldn't really look real.  What I got was a moderately shiny, not too shimmery, rubbery feeling thing happening.  I took a picture anyhow so I could tell you about it.

    Revlon Fire Fox
    Revlon Fire Fox Nail Polish, Three Coats
    The other weird thing was that there were parts that would not dry at all.  I didn't feel like doing my nails again, so I figured I'd top coat it.  I used RBL Matte top coat to see if that would make it look like what I had in mind.

    Revlon Fire Fox Nail Polish and RBL Matte Top Coat
    Revlon Fire Fox Nail Polish Finished with RBL Matte Top Coat

    Now it's matte and the rubbery feeling is gone, but there's still no shimmer to speak of.  To be honest, if I have to add matte top coat to take the shine off of a matte nail polish, that's a kind of crappy polish.  So I'll likely return Fire Fox's friends that have not been opened because this was no fun at all.

    That's the update for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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