Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Last night I finally changed my manicure, and it wasn't as bad as it could have been at all.  I think I'll be a little skittish about chunky glitter and any extra top coat for a while though!

    What I changed to was Barielle Shades Jess' Champagne Toast from their 2010 Holiday Hustle collection, which was sent to me for review.  Since five of the six colors in this collection are frosts, it didn't seem like swatches would be a fair representation of them, since frosts look different when they're dry.  Instead, I figured I'd show you a dry manicure with them for each of the next six posts.

    I used Jess' Champagne Toast first because it was the one that really caught my eye.  Barielle calls it "a metallic violet with rose gold glitter," and I'd agree with everything but calling it metallic - I think it's a frost.  Anyhow, I used two coats and it was good, but the polish is very thick so I had to really spread it thin.  I finished with one coat of top coat, and it's not perfectly smooth but not gritty.

    Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast Nail Polish
    Barielle Jess' Champagne Toast Nail Polish, Two Coats Dry

    I think it's a bit more impressive in the bottle than on the nail because the polish is opaque and covers the glitter from the first coat, so it look grittier than it is.  It's not as if that's a huge, obvious issue when it's not a magnified picture, so I'm still pleased with the polish.

    That's the update for now, Dear Reader.  I'll try to get the rest of these posted quickly so I'm not wrapping up the collection just as Summer 2011 shades are coming out.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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