Chez Delaney Plates H3 & H9

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    This morning I decided to play around with a couple of the Chez-Delaney plates I got not too long ago, two I hadn't used yet.  From plate H3, I wanted to check out the big plain French tip pattern, and I added a little something to it from plate H9.

    For color, I figure I can't go wrong with purple, so SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars is the base color.  I did the tips from H3 using Konad Pastel Violet Special Polish, and the pattern was a challenge to get a feel for.  By the last few stamps I did, I had it, but in the picture you'll see that a couple nails aren't quite right.  The thing is, it's hard to scrape the big empty engraving evenly and without sliding the corner of the scraper into the pattern.  I did want to master this one though, because double stamping my tips with the French patterns from Konad plate m19 leaves a darker line where the two stamps overlap when I use anything other than black or white.

    After the tips, I added a little heart pattern from H9, applied top coat, and called it done.  It's by no means the most attractive manicure ever, but not bad for playing around with new plates.

    Chez Delaney Plates H3 & H9
    Chez Delaney Plates H3 & H9 over SpaRitual Shoot for the Stars

    That's it for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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