Free Hello Kitty Fauxnad Plate

    There is some weirdness with this vendor's site you should be aware of before entering your info.

    The status on whether this code is active this changes from day to day. The top comment for this post is the most recent, and that's the latest word I have on it. Please read the top comment to see where this currently stands.

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    A few weeks ago, I received an email asking me about an overseas web site that was offering a completely free Hello Kitty nail art stamping plate (specifically, if it was legitimate). I'd never heard of it, so I figured there was only one way to find out and I placed the order, for which I did not have to enter any payment information. When someone tells me they'll give me something for nothing, I tend to hope for the best without any real expectations, and I promptly forgot all about it until I received a little envelope from Singapore yesterday that had the plate inside.

    Since it is legitimate, I thought you'd want to know about it. The site is called Born Pretty, and the item is called Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate. Here's Born Pretty's picture of the plate, which is numbered M71.

    Free Hello Kitty Fauxnad Plate
    Free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate from Born Pretty
    To get it, add the plate, which displays a price of $2.99, to your cart and go to check out. For shipping method, choose "Airmail (Unregistered)" for free shipping, and enter coupon code BP299 to deduct the $2.99 price of the Hello Kitty plate, and for your payment option choose "I have paid before/Free items," which doesn't prompt for additional billing info. Submit order, and that's it.

    Mine took 3 weeks to arrive, which is about the time I'd expect. I checked the site now for my order history to get the details above, and found that my order status is Pending. That's not a huge problem, but it indicates to me that their system is not 100% automated since the order was shipped and delivered. That can cause some hassles when something isn't manually updated correctly on their side, so I wouldn't be astounded if an order required a few emails, but their CS was good - I recall getting an email clarifying some detail right after I placed the order. I mention that just because I'd want to know about it before spending money on a future order.

    I thought this was a nice thing because I'm always a bit reluctant ordering from a smaller place overseas, and this lets potential customers place a test order for free and see how the company does. They had a few other offers for a free item going, but they all required additional action, such as tweeting links. I didn't want to announce this until I'd gotten a test order just in case it went south, so I only went for the one.

    Born Pretty has a lot of fauxnad plates and cheap nail art supplies (and oddly, colored contacts, but I think I'd hold off on ordering from them and go to an optometrist), and I'd place an order for paid items from them now.

    For the record, I placed my order strictly as a test to see how they did so I could tell you about it, and Born Pretty was given no indication that anything about my order would be published anywhere (or that a platform for me to do so exists) , so I believe the service I received is what can generally be expected of them. Fortunately, you can place your own test order and verify that for free. If you place an order and have a noteworthy experience either way, please leave a comment - additional accounts experience with the company would be useful to anybody interested in ordering.

    One addition - I just noticed the banner at the top of their home page announcing time off for Chinese New Year, so they probably won't reply to emails for a bit, and that's something to be aware of.

    That's all I had to pass on to you this morning, Dear Reader. Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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