Japanese OPI DS Original

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I had another huge ENAS failure, so I didn't have anything worthwhile to show you today until some more Japanese OPI Designer Series polishes landed here.  Now I have DS Original (DS 003-JP) to show you.  Of the 3 more I found, it was the only one I could get open.  I'll tell you more about that at the end.

    So Japanese DS Original... It's fabulous, and few things can top a fabulous purple holographic nail polish.  The only down side is that like our DS Original, it's sheerer than looks right tome, so I needed four coats.  On the plus side, the polish is quite thin, so that's not the usual four-coat quantity I have to let dry.  I took pictures in natural light, but there hasn't been sun in forever, so they were so washed out from the lack of light that the color wasn't even close and no holo showed, so I reverted to artificial light.

    Japanese OPI DS Original Nail Polish
    Japanese Version of OPI DS Original Nail Polish, Four Coats
    Not too shabby, huh?  I'm really thrilled to bits with this one.

    I mentioned I found three more - I found them on ebay for $14-$16 each.  I tried a search that I figured would either give me gold or twenty thousand meaningless results, and I struck gold.  It seems the seller was asking somewhat gauge-y prices for regular OPI DS polishes when in fact it was the Japanese version she was asking a fair price for.  They arrived without their boxes, and for some reason the seller rolled up the actual bottles in really cheap packing tape before bubble wrapping them - I guess word of the advent of screw-on lids hadn't arrived yet.  Anyhow, this super cheap tape just shreds when I try to remove it, and in the picture I'm hiding all the gross tape bits and adhesive still stuck on there.  Yuck.

    I looked to see if the others were still waiting there, and they were, but it seems the seller figured out what she had.  They now indicate that they're Japanese, and the prices went up $10-$12 each, which bummed me out. I'd planned to offer a link via email to anyone who's name I might recognize, but alas, these are now about as poorly priced as those from the really shady seller.  What bothers me about that is that my seller was content with whatever profit she would get with the price I paid, but a week later she got greedy.  

    However, I still think that if you want these,you should hold out for a $15-ish or better price.  The fact that a few people hold these hostage as infinitely listed Buy It Now items doesn't mean that's what they're worth at all - they just go quickly when they're fairly priced.  So save a search and patiently wait, and then you'll get what you pay for.  Or pay whatever the heck you want to - it's your money!  ☺

    That's my little lecture and my nail polish for today.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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