Nautical Nails

    3 followers how exciting! I haven't got time to do a full post today. My partner Paul was playing being a lines man at football today and someone didn't agree with his decision so they punched him in the face. Hard. So we've been in the hospital A&E department until 10pm :-( not fun.
    Anyway a quick post of some nails I did a few weeks back. Inspired by some nails in a Japanese Nail Art magazine. I can't remember which one but was a summer edition by the look of them.

    White nail polish - Models Own
    True Blue nail polish - Models Own
    Red gemstones from a nail art kit from Claires Accessories
    Red nail art pen from Ebay
    Sinful Colors Non Yellowing as base and top coat.
    I hope you enjoy looking at them.
    I have some false nail samples I will post tomorrow
    Stacie oxox

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