Nfu Oh 65 & Chez-Delaney H2

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today is a reader request day, with the request being for a chevron manicure in any colors, something I haven't done in recent years.  I like them well enough for an occasional change of pace, but they take me forever because I'm picky.  I find it distracting if the chevron is even a hair asymmetric about the center line, so when I placed my first order for Chez-Delaney plates, I was interested in the chevron tip plate.

    It turns out that I eyed the plain chevron, but I bought the modified one.  I figured it's close enough, so I went with it anyhow.  I chose Nfu Oh 65 over Aqua Base for the main color, then stamped the tip pattern from plate H2 in Blue Konad Special Polish.  I used Konad Top Coat and another coat of quick dry top coat to seal it.

    Nfu Oh 65  & Chez-Delaney H2
    Nfu Oh 65 Nail Polish with Chez-Delaney Plate H2
    What struck me about this pattern  is that even at this length, my nails are only marginally long enough for this stamp.  I got a little chip in the edge of my left ring nail and smoothed it out a few weeks ago, and on that nail the solid part of the stamp, the part closing the intersection of all the lines, didn't quite fit despite the fact that I placed the stamp with the sides closer to the cuticle than usual.  The other thing is I don't always get the very edges with a solid stamp, so I painted over the spots that had something missing.  The difference in opacity of the Konad polish shows in the picture, but not without magnification.

    I said it was a reader request day,and it's a two-fer  An animated  gif of a holo was also requested (again, any color - I like vague requests!), so I made one.  I've never had a reason to make an animated gif before, so this is my first try at it.  I had to use artificial light for today's pictures, so there is variance between the one above and the ones below.  I chose the picture above because it's color accurate on my monitor, and the ones below because they show the holo well and line up well enough that you don't feel like you're watching Pong.  

    Nfu Oh 65
    Fun with Nfu Oh 65
    That today's update, Dear Reader.  Until; next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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