OPI Teenage Dream & OPI Black Shatter

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    I gave OPI Black Shatter another shot last night, so we can take another look at it.  Today I put it over one of the Katy Perry OPI glitters, Teenage Dream.  Teenage Dream is a bunch of tiny regular and round holo glitter in a somewhat sheer base.  I usually evaluate the opacity of a polish by holding it sideways above eye level and rolling it - by how well I can see the mixing balls through the polish, I can tell how opaque it'll be.  This one seems pretty sheer.

    I figured I'd use a complimentary creme under it, and I did one coat of SpaRitual I Am the Light.  That's not truly a one-coater - I had to apply carefully to get even coverage.  When I added Teenage Dream, I was glad I didn't have to build color, as it was much like I imagine applying cake batter out of a nail polish bottle would be.  I used two coats, and they were really thick coats (there was no way to make them thin).  This is Teenage Dream over I Am the Light mostly dry.

    OPI Teenage Dream
    OPI Teenage Dream Nail Polish, Two Coats over Opaque Base
    I like this one and will definitely wear it alone.  I realized wearing it that I think pink is becoming my favorite color, and the glitter is so pretty.  It does suck up a lot of top coat thought, so it's the standard high maintenance glitter mani.  It was painful to sully Teenage Dream with Black Shatter, but I did.  I like it better over the tiny glitter than I did over yesterday's shimmer, but I still prefer the glitter alone (well, alone over the opaque base, as above) to anything with Black Shatter.

    OPI Teenage Dream &h OPI Black Shatter
    OPI Teenage Dream Nail Polish with OPI Black Shatter Top Coat
    Again, I can see where this is cool, with the juxtaposition of a super girly glitter and the anti-girly black crackle, but to my eye the one without Black Shatter is still more appealing.  I'm thinking maybe one or two more tries with this crackle, but it's likely that'll be it.

    That's the scoop for today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!

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