Zoya Gemma

    Hello, Dear Reader!

    This morning I put on Zoya Gemma, which was a nice change from the OPI Teenage Dream and Black shatter I'd had on for a couple of days.  I'd mentioned in the first post about Black Shatter that  the old crackle polishes were agonizing for me to remove, but that wasn't the case with Black Shatter - it came right off.  Teenage Dream, on the other hand, was a project to remove.  Anyhow, Gemma's a good one after that!

    Zoya Gemma is one of the Intimates Collection for Spring 2011, and it's another that's a good rendition of a pretty standard color with an exceptional finish.  The base color is an olive drab, of which there have been many in the past couple of years, but Gemma's twist is that is has a strong blue flash that's distinctly visible even in indoor lighting.  Although thinner than Marley, it only took two coats to be even and opaque and had an average dry time.

    I took about a million pictures of Gemma in different lighting conditions, but I had the poor judgment to start outside in natural light (of which there is terribly little today) so my hands got really cold and pretty red.  The drab greens tend to accentuate redness, so please forgive my poor cold lobster hand.  The pictures that ended up most accurately showing the polish were under artificial light (so freezing my hand until it was red was entirely unnecessary), and this is Zoya Gemma completely dry.

    Zoya Gemma
    Zoya Gemma Nail Polish, Two Coats
    That blue shimmer really does show this clearly in indoor lighting, it's super cool.  For me, Zoya's two for two on the Intimates - I really like the subtlety of both that I've used so far.  They're like new and improved versions of the base colors.

    That's what I have for you this morning, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

    *This polish was sent to me by the manufacturer for review.

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