China Glaze Crackle Glaze

    Hello, Dear Reader!

    This morning's manicure was another fail.  Not so huge that I won't show it to you, but enough that I didn't want to look at it all day, so I figured I'd just crank out some swatches of the China Glaze Crackles I haven't shown to you already.

    To recap, I already showed you Broken Hearted, the pink creme, over purple and later compared Black Mesh, the black creme, to OPI Black Shatter using China Glaze Sea Spray as the base color.  Here are the pictures of those so you can see all six Crackle Glazes in one place.  All six have base coat, base color, Poshe, crackle, Gelous, Poshe (the Gelous was what I used to smooth them out).

    China Glaze Broken Hearted
    China Glaze Broken Hearted Crackle Glaze

    China Glaze Black Mesh
    China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle Glaze
    Today's failure was a result of playing with Konad over a crackle.  I don't care for it.  I only stamped one nail, so we can just pretend I didn't do that.  I had base coat, two coats of Essie Lovie Dovie, and two of OPI Teenage Dream topped off with China Glaze Lightning Bolt, the white creme, which I consistently want to call White Lightning (a name synonymous with moonshine is just more amusing).  The Konad stamp which we're all ignoring is from plate m83 in Konad Cool Red.

    China Glaze Lightning Bolt Crackle Glaze
    I really like it except for the stamp.  To my eye, the clean lines of the Konad stamp over the rougher looking crackle is unappealing.  It looks like a mistake to me.  Lightning Bolt is very cool though.

    The next one is the purple shimmer, Fault Line.  I was concerned about how this one would do because I've seen some pictures where it didn't break up too well.  I found that Fault Line was very thick, so I applied it as thinly as I could.  I used a good bit of pressure on the brush and really smeared Fault Line on more than painting it on, assuming that since it just shrinks anyhow that any irregularities in the application would disappear.  It turned out that was accurate.  This is Fault Line over Nfu Oh 63 with Aqua Base.

    China Glaze Fault Line
    China Glaze Fault Line Crackle Glaze
    Crushed Candy is the aqua creme that looked super green in one promo picture.  I applied this one as I did Fault Line, using Essie Dive Bar as the base color.

    China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle Glaze
    The sixth and last shade is Cracked Concrete, a medium grey creme.  I like red and grey together, so I went with China Glaze Hey Sailor as the base color.  I used the same manner of application as I did with Fault Line and Crushed Candy for Cracked Concrete.

    China Glaze Cracked Concrete
    China Glaze Cracked Concrete Crackle Glaze
    Those are the China Glaze Crackle Glazes.  I figured I'd show them to you over a variety of colors and finishes since each could be used with anything at all.  I'm a complete convert on the whole crackle/shatter thing having smoothed them out a bit and tried some other colors than black.  I'm fond of them now, and think it's an easy way to get a fun look.  It's certainly not practical for everyone, but there's nothing stopping me from wearing them.

    That's what I have for you today, Dear reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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