China Glaze White Cap

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I started a Valentines Day themed manicure today, which I was going to Konad the heck out of, but the layered base turned out so nicely that I thought I'd show you that and skip the Konad.

    I wanted to use China Glaze White Cap from Anchors Away, but I knew it was sheerer than I wanted and I'd need to layer it.  The choice of polish to layer over was where I went wrong - I chose Revlon Powder Puff, the shimmer white matte one.  I needed three coats, so I waited several minutes between each, then finally added a coat of White Cap and one of top coat.  It looked great, but I'd heard of drying issues with Powder Puff (which is why I went to the trouble of drying time for each coat), and I'll be danged if they didn't get me.  I messed up one nail flossing my teeth before bed a full hour and a half after I finished applying polish.  I almost redid it this morning, but then figured it was a good illustration of the drying problems with Powder Puff.  I woke up without sheet prints on my nails, so if I'd managed to avoid the dings from the floss, I would have been good.

    China Glaze White Cap
    China Glaze White Cap Nail Polish Layered over White
    See the two big dents in my index nail?  That's where the floss dug right in.  Otherwise, I love it.  I'll have to find another soft white to use as a base for White Cap because it's really gorgeous.

    That's the scoop for today, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you!  

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