Color Club Raspberry Rush

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    The sun is shining on a beautiful warm Spring day and I'm wearing scented neon raspberry nail polish.  Does life get better than this?  I don't think so.  The first Spring days of every year bring me back to being a kid all dressed for school in my hideous plaid uniform, reveling in the fresh air and playing jump rope in the driveway until my dad came out to drive us off to school on his way to work.  A scented neon raspberry nail polish sort of completes that whole mood very well.

    Today's manicure is Color Club Raspberry Rush from the Wicked Sweet Collection, and it's also a very good one.  It has that artificial raspberry fragrance, but it's light and not terribly sweet, so I don't think most people would find it offensive at all.  Those Revlon Fruitful Temptations from a couple of years back could be a little much after several hours, but the two Color Club scented neons I've tried have had about half of that intensity of fragrance and nowhere near as sweet.  Raspberry Rush is a neon raspberry that's halfway between a creme and a jelly, almost entirely opaque in three coats, and it was easy to apply.

    Color Club Raspberry Rush
    Color Club Raspberry Rush Nail Polish, Three Coats
    I was out grocery shopping really early this morning and stopped to pick up a cup of coffee on the way home, and at both places this polish received compliments, which is always fun.  I didn't want to make the women who noticed it terribly jealous by telling them that in addition to being fabulous looking it smells like raspberries, too, so I didn't mention it.  Ha!

    That's just about all that I can think of to tell you this morning, so I'll be off to go about the rest of my day while discreetly sniffing my nails when no one's looking.  Until next time, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!  

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