Color Club Yum Gum & Hello Kitty Decals

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    Today I have another of Color Club's Wicked Sweet Collection, Yum Gum.  It's a neon light-ish pink creme, and it smells like bubble gum.  It applied well, covering in two coats, but the scent is initially a little unnerving.  You know that kind of off plastic smell the really cheap individually wrapped bubble gum has?  When it first goes on and is wet, Yum Gum smells just like that.  I almost took it off right away, but was glad I didn't as it dried because that weird plastic smell diminished and it really just smelled like bubble gum.  Here's Yum Gum with a base and a top in the sun.

    Color Club Yum Gum
    Color Club Yum Gum Nail Polish, Two Coats
    I just could't get the neon to show up in a picture after trying a million different light sources, so I went with the picture that on my monitor is closest to the color on my nails.  Neons can be maddeningly frustrating to take a picture of!

    You can tell from the title I didn't stop there.  I'd gotten some of the Sephora Hello Kitty nail decals, but I hadn't used them because they made me a little angry - they're just one small sheet of tiny decals for $5, and I felt ripped off.  I figured it was time to get over it and use them, and when I did I was so impressed with their quality that I got over their price.  The adhesive is just right (it sticks well and doesn't come off the decals, but doesn't hold with a death grip), they're extremely thin and flexible so they lay perfectly flat easily, and I didn't have a single problem with the rhinestone ones (while rhinestone decals often lose stones).  I loaded up my left ring nails with decals, then sealed it with Poshe.

    Sephora Hello Kitty Nail Decals
    Sephora Hello Kitty Nail over Color Club Yum Gum Nail Polish

    And a closer look...

    Sephora Hello Kitty Nail Decals
    Sephora Hello Kitty Nail Decals, Close Up View
    My thinking is that if I'm going to be a ten year old girl and wear bubble gum scented neon light pink nail polish, the least I can do is be consistent and load it up with Hello Kitty decals.

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader.  Until next time, love and nail polish to you!  

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