Haulage! Essie Merino Cool and so much more!

    I had a busy weekend. I went to Milton Keynes shopping with my good friends from Uni. We had great fun and they were patient enough to let me shop for nail varnish too!
    Here's some pics of what I got.
    I got Seche rebuild and Seche Vite. I strayed from Seche Vite as I was getting bad shrinkage and it got so thick towards the end of the bottle but you cannot deny this stuff dries soooooo quick. Also at the start of the bottle it is lovely. I have am going to be super careful when I close it to make sure it is sealed tightly and I have been cleaning the top of the bottle before I put the lid on to prevent the crusties. I have 3 fingernails which are disintegrating so I bought rebuild. I will let you know how I get on in a few weeks.

    I put Merino Cool by Essie as soon as I got home. I got it from John Lewis they didn't have a nice stand or anything it was just a few random nail varnishes on a shelf! It applied well and took 3 thin coats to get full coverage worked well with the Seche rebuild and vite. I think the think I noticed the most was that it was how smooth it looked and although I used 3 coats it didn't feel like I had a lot of polish on. I love the colour too very sophisticated. Would recommend Essie polishes and will get more soon. 

    I also got the Andrea Fulerton gemstone topcoat. I used this on my friend and it is a lovely flaky glitter.
    MeMeMe in Wild. It doesn't really look like the colour in the picture. It reminded me of Grape Pop by China Glaze which is why I got it.

    NYC in Empire State Blue. I think this is being discontinued as it cost 99p. Which is partly why I bought it. I also liked the vibrant colour its got a kind of greeny metallic shine in the light.

     NYC in Starry Silver Glitter. It also cost 99p so I believe it will be discontinued. 

     In addition to the ones I bought my friend gave me Nails inc Shoreditch and a sample size of No7 in Pink Grapefruit.

    I will do some swatches on the polishes soon.
    Stacie xoxox

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