Misa Shake It to the Samba

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    I woke up hungry this morning, and you know what I really wanted?

    I like to have it for breakfast with cottage cheese in the middle, but I couldn't find any decent pictures like that - they all had gross things added, like a ton of brown sugar (brown sugar's not bad in general, but on this...).  I just did the manicure like plain cantaloupe anyhow because the lack of pictures the way I like it kind of indicates that mine is not a universal preference.

    I did this manicure in the ruffian style on all ten nails, having built a bit of confidence with that technique yesterday.  For the outer rind I used OPI San Tan-tonio and for the green I used OPI Don't Mess with OPI, both from the OPI Texas Collection.  I don't really count them in this manicure since you can't get a good look at them.  I really just wanted to see how opaque the OPI's are, and they're more pigmented than most recent OPI collections have been.  I used one coat of each, and they were opaque enough close to the cuticle that no more was needed.  It looks like either would need two coats for a regular manicure, but we'll find that out for sure soon.  To complete my cantaloupe nails, I used two coats of Misa Shake It to the Samba.

    Misa Shake It to the Samba
    Misa Shake It to the Samba Cantaloupe Manicure
    I like it but for the fact that the tan section blends in with my skin so well - it shows up in the picture alright, but is really hard to see in person.  I don't think I could have done better though - the tan is about as dark as I could go for the rind color, I'm just kind of pale to wear this one as well as someone else could.  Looking at it, I think this would work much better against dark brown skin, where the tan would show well and the cantaloupe color would really pop.  But I'm stuck with zero pigment in my skin and I don't expect that to change today, so I'll just have to wear it as well as I can.

    I don't have any fabulous stories starring the cantaloupe.  I did grow some gorgeous ones in that garden I told you about yesterday, but harvesting them was a little anticlimactic after several months of answering the daily whine of "When can we pick some cantaloupe?" from my then-stepson.  It would have been cute had he been eight, but he was nineteen, and his use of the word "we" followed by any verb generally meant "you," so that sort of sucked the fun out of it over time.  Ahhh, fond memories...

    That's today's Produce I Wish I Had manicure, and just about all I know at this hour.  I'm still hungry, but have come to acceptance of the fact that cantaloupe and cottage cheese isn't in the cards for me this morning, so I'll go find something else.  Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you!  

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