My Impressionist Funky French

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    After using a dotting tool for the dots I added to the chevron tips I showed you yesterday, I got to thinking that filling in my tips with just a bunch of tiny colored dots might be interesting.  I gathered about a zillion nail polishes that are Springy and opaque, got the dotting tool and a paper plate, and had at it (this was from a few days ago, so the gap at the cuticle's small).

    As I was placing the dots, I thought it looked like an Impressionist's rendition of a Funky French, being characterized by bright color, open composition, and super tiny brush strokes.  Here's what I came up with.

    Folk Socks Manicure
    Impressionist Funky French over Hot Pink Nubar Gelicure
    I think under many circumstances, I could look at the finished manicure and say, "Yes, I see how that could be an Impressionist mani."  Unfortunately, I can't.  As I looked at the manicure after sealing it with top coat, I could think of one and only one think that's set apart by the use of bright colors and an ornately orderly multicolored edge, and that's folk socks.

    The price I'm paying for reading too much Interweave Knits Magazine is that my brain now perceives my manicure in terms of socks.  That's an unexpected outcome!

    I think we can all agree to pretend that this manicure is actually a deep, meaningful artistic statement, connecting an innovative 19th century Parisian art movement to the crafting traditions of the back hills of Appalachia.  I'll have to go ponder the meaning of existence for a bit to come up with something equally profound for tomorrow, so until then, love and nail polish to you!  

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