Nubar Conserve

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    No early February list of Produce I Wish I Had would be complete without one thing:

    Asparagus is probably my favorite Spring food.  During one recent summer, I think I made asparagus and broiled salmon three times a week and never got sick of either.  There are no asparagus stories, and I've never even grown it, I'm just a huge fan.  Few things in the world can beat a plate of steamed asparagus with just enough sweet butter to make a little bit of salt stick to it.  Wow, I really, really want some now!

    For the manicure, I decided to just do an accent nail.  I wanted to make the asparagus from the same color as I used the other nails, so I chose the very pigmented Nubar Conserve as the main color.  I thought I knew the location of some nail art brushes, but I really only knew the location of some dotting tools.  I'd already set up the billion colors I used, so I just went with the dotting tools.  It's not the best job ever - without the picture above, I doubt anyone would guess what it is, but that would be reasonable.  How often would "asparagus" be a good guess for anything related to a manicure?

    Nubar Conserve
    Nubar Conserve Asparagus Manicure

    Nubar Conserve Manicure
    Nubar Conserve Asparagus Manicure, Closer Look
    I think it looks more like an especially crappy bunch of flowers, but that's alright for one day.  The good thing about nail polish is that it comes right off!

    That's what I have for you today, Dear Reader.  Until tomorrow, love and nail polish to you! 

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