OPI Black Shatter & Hot Green

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    In a moment when my mind drifted off yesterday, I reflected on how much fun I had matching the last two Black Shatter manicures to a hair band and considered a few other neons and whether a related image came to mind.  I immediately thought of two more, and figured it might be fun to do an impromptu theme week (well, work week).  I have several newer polishes I want to show you, but they've all been released so it's not a race to swatch in time for a release date, and I'm having a good time. ☺

    So the first color I thought of, as you've guessed by now, was green.  This is the first thing that came to mind:

    Although C.C. DeVille was apart from Poison on Monday, since he's been in two out of three you might be thinking I was a huge Poison fan.  I wasn't.  I've concluded that my knowledge of images associated with them is God's way of punishing me for relentlessly mocking them at the height of their popularity.  I can't remember this much about bands I liked!  But since C.C.'s showing up today by means of his "music" on this album (the quotes probably bought me another five years of remembering these pictures), I thought I'd toss in the C.C. DeVille story.  It's mildly amusing at best so feel free to skip the next paragraph if you don't care.

    My sister's the  key player in this one.  She's almost a year older than me and quite pretty, and really, really funny.  She'll say completely outrageous things to strangers when it's funny enough (and sometimes when it's not).  The rest of the setup, I'll do in the style of Sophia Petrillo.  Picture this: downtown Chicago, late 1980's, in then-trendy now-long-gone club I can't remember the name of...

    My sister, MM, goes to the club with some girlfriends, and they're given access to the VIP area.  She figured out early on that by identifying the head bouncer and then flirting with him, it's easy to get access to the VIP room (I didn't believe her that it was that easy but tried it anyhow - it really does work).  As they assess the crowd, MM sees a striking woman on the other side of the bar and notes how strangely pretty she is.  She and her friends continue milling about, and throughout the evening MM keeps seeing this striking woman wherever she goes.  Finally, she goes to get a fresh drink, and the striking woman approaches her and offers to buy her drink, but it was in a man's voice, completely throwing her off.  Not knowing what this person's deal is, she politely declines and is answered with an indignant, "Do you know who I am?"  She replies that she does not, so he tells her his name: C.C. DeVille.  MM continues to look at him with a blank stare, and he goes on to say that he's the guitarist in Poison.  She breaks out into uncontrollable laughter (who do you think I was mocking Poison videos with?), this huge throw-your-head-back-and-belly-laugh kind of laugh that she and I have, and is completely unable to regain her composure, until C.C. finally walks away.  The End.

    That was our storytime, so here's the manicure.  For the green, I used Nubar Hot Green because it's a 2-3 coater (2 medium, 3 thin), then Black Shatter.  This time, I used a coat of Gelous to smooth it out before a final coat of Poshe.  Gelous didn't work as a base coat for me (I had major chipping in hours), but it works well as the fill-in coat over polishes that suck up a lot of top coat.  Here it is after it dried.

    OPI Black Shatter & Hot Green
    OPI Black Shatter over Nubar Hot Green
    It does work for the album cover colors, but if you recall, for the previous two I showed you the image that came to mind looking at the finished manicure.  As I was taking pictures of this, I thought, "This looks like Bruce Banner blew out some black pants."

    So now even I'm not sure what the theme is - hair bands or what the manicure brings to mind... I found a bonus picture while looking for a Hulk picture that's only barely related if you think about it long enough, but I'm tacking it on anyhow.

    Until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you! 

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