Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish

    Good morning, Dear Reader!

    This morning I wanted to just do a fun manicure, something really entertaining for me to look at.  I set the coffee to brew and eyed my Chez Delaney XL plates, but was still uninspired as far as a mani.  I did get inspiration to go get some M&M's to have for breakfast with my coffee, so I bundled up and went out.  I was really just up for going out for any reason - I've been completely snowed in all week.

    On my way to Walgreen's for my M&M's, I saw a sign that could only appear in the Midwest.  It tickled me so much that I went home to get my camera so I could show it to you.

    Global Warming
    Political Expression in the Heartland of America
    I think the mingling of upper and lower case letters somehow adds to the charm just as much as the choice of cardboard as a medium of self expression.  I love it.  If you look at the A's, you'll see it looks like the "ha ha" came from someone else who loved it too.

    After admiring the sign, I continued to Walgreen's for my M&M's.  I saw they had Essie's retail line in their flyer, and there are a couple I'd like to see, so I scanned the nail polish section looking for where they'd fit Essie in.  I didn't see them, but what I did see was a bunch of Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes, which I've never seen before.  This particular store often stashes LE items into the regular shelves, and there were no price tags on the shelf for these, so I have no idea what they are other than cheap ($1.99 each) and very pretty with fun TV-themed names, so I grabbed a couple and had what I needed for a fun manicure.  Just so I don't leave you hanging, I did get my M&M's as well!

    I started with Saved by the Blue, which is a really vivid blue shimmer, almost a foil.  This one, I was hoping to use for Konad, but the first coat was quite sheer, so that doesn't seem viable.  After two coats, Saved by the Blue is perfect.

    Wet N Wild Fast Dry Saved by the Blue
    Wet N Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish Saved by the Blue, Two Coats
    Isn't that a great blue?  It reminds me of China Glaze Frostbite.  Alone, Saved by the Blue wasn't quite festive enough for me, so I added one coat of Party of Five Glitters to it.

    Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish, Party of Five Glitters
    Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish, Party of Five Glitters over Saved by the Blue
    Now it looks like I'm having a very loud party on my nails, and all is right with the world.

    That being finished, I'm off to savor a leisurely weekend breakfast of peanut M&M's and coffee while watching a horror movie.  Luxury at its finest!  So until tomorrow, Dear Reader, love and nail polish to you! 

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