Clarins 230 over Black

    Good afternoon, Dear Reader!

    Around noon today I began what I thought would be the relatively simple project of evening out my nails and switching the soak off gel, but it ended up being quite a project to remove the old.  Were I not exhausted from the arduous task of removal I'd tell you all about it, but since I am I'll leave pertinent facts out, making it best to let that wait until another day.

    I ended up losing lots of length in order to reshape, so I figured I'd go with a good shorter-nail choice, black creme.  I picked black because I like how a lot of polishes look layered over it, but I don't like the application with nail polish.  I always end up digging the brush for my layering color into the black base near the cuticle on at least one nail, and that ends up leaving me with bald spots.  This way, I can get all the layering colors out of my system without that being an issue.

    After finishing the gel, I added three coats of Clarins 230 to it, then a coat of Poshe.  The sun's out and I got a couple of pictures I like, one that clearly shows the main color well and another that shows the variety of colors well.  My application of the black is imperfect, and my cuticles took a heck of a beating with the removal of the pink glitter, so please forgive those parts and just have a look at the pretty colors.

    Clarins 230 over Black, Main
    Clarins 230 over Black, Main Color

    Clarins 230 over Black, Colors
    Clarins 230 over Black, Three Coats, All Colors
    Clarins 230 is such a pretty polish, and I don't think I've worn it over black in a few years.  I like it.
    So for another week, I have the fun task of picking out come good layering colors to wear over this one.  I have tomorrow's in mind already, so until it's time to show you that one, I wish love and nail polish to you!

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